16 analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2016 : Page 3 of 4

January 11, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
The flow of startups addressing the non-digital part of the electronics universe seems to be increasing along with the opportunities in analog, power, RF, sensors.

Gpixel Inc. (Changchun, China) develops high-end CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical and scientific applications. Founded in 2012, the company produces standard off-the-shelf image sensors, as well as customer-designed products. In 2014 Gpixel worked with foundry Tower Semiconductor Ltd. to produce a record-setting 150-Mpixel full-frame CMOS image sensor. www.gpixelinc.com

(See Gpixel brings BSI to scientific CMOS image sensors).


Hanking Electronics (Liaoning) Co. Ltd. (Shenyang, China), founded in April 2011, is a MEMS subsidiary of the Hanking Industrial Group. Hanking Electronics focuses on developing, fabrication and marketing MEMS products and related electronics components. It provides customers with design and development, fabrication processing, volume manufacturing, MEMS foundry services, MEMS sensors, MEMS actuators, ASIC, MEMS technology and application consulting. www.hkmems.com

Intento Design SA (Paris, France), an EDA company founded in spring 2015 by Farakh Javid, chief technology officer, provides analog and mixed-signal circuits as IP that can automatically scaled for performance and migrated between manufacturing processes. www.intento-design.com 

(See Analog design automation startup gets backing).

InVisage Technologies Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.) has launched a 13-Mpixel sensor that uses a quantum-dot film rather than silicon to capture images. The company is shooting for the smartphone market to begin with but claims it has the beating of CMOS image sensors in terms of many specifications and therefore in most of if not all applications. www.invisage.com

(See Quantum-dot image sensor launch threatens silicon).

MEMSensing Microsystems Co. Ltd. (Suzhou, China), founded in 2007, has established microphone and pressure sensor product lines. Its customers include consumer electronics, industrial control, medical and automotive electronics and it has teamed up with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. as its foundry partner. www.memsensing.com

(See China claims world's smallest 3-axis accelerometer).

NextInput Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), founded in 2012, is a spin-off from Georgia Institute of Technology to commercialize a pressure-sensitive method of interfacing with electronics devices. It works with multiple sensors placed under a display surface and offers a better solution than capacitive touch, the company claims. The company gained a CEO and a substantial Series A round of funding in 2015. www.nextinput.com

(See China's GoerTek, Intel back force-sensor startup).

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