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January 11, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
The flow of startups addressing the non-digital part of the electronics universe seems to be increasing along with the opportunities in analog, power, RF, sensors.

Omniradar NV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), founded in 2011, is bringing to market 60GHz radar ICs for application in vehicle safety, but also to be used as  precision sensor for personal security, industrial automation or environmental monitoring. www.omniradar.com

(See Dutch startup shrinks 60GHz radars, increases precision).

Seamless Devices Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), a startup spun out of Columbia University, New York in 2014 has introduced its first products, a set of analog front-end circuits for use in LTE, WiFi and microwave applications. They are based on switched-mode operational amplifier circuits. www.seamlessdevices.com 

(See Startup launches switch-mode op amps, ADCs).

Senodia Technologies Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China), founded in August 2008, was one of the first Chinese MEMS gyroscope providers and has expanded its offering to a full suite of inertial MEMS 6-axis and 9-axis solutions and applications for smart phones. www.senodia.com

Sol Chip Ltd. (Haifa, Israel), founded in 2009, has developed a chip scale photovoltaic energy harvester which can provide voltages at between 0.75V and 9V useful for autonomous low-power electronic systems. The PV cell can produce 3.3-milliwatts in full daylight and up to 20-microwatts under office lighting. www.sol-chip.com

(See Chip-scale photovoltaics startup raises funds).

Vesper Technologies Inc. (Boston, Mass.) launched its first branded product in 2015, the VM101 analog output MEMS microphone with a 68dB typical signal-to-noise ratio.  Expect more of the same in 2016. www.vespermems.com

(See Vesper launches piezoelectric MEMS microphone).

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