3D-depth imaging IC from Taiwan

January 08, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Taiwanese camera and image sensor vendor Altek Corp. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) has launched a 3D-depth and image processing IC, the AL6100.

Altek released its first-generation depth chip, the AL3200, in 2016 and shipped millions of units into smartphones and portable devices.

The AL6100 depth chip comes with an infrared light to support a range of applications such as smartphone, surveillance, autonomous vehicle, smart home assistant, drone, sweeping robot. The company did not provide information about the image resolution or depth range or resolution.

But it said it can demonstrate the AL6100 in use as a surveillance camera alongside deep learning technology focusing on human recognition under various environments and lighting conditions. For virtual and augmented reality applications, the real-time depth information provided by AL6100 provides a more accurate perception of its surrounding environment and the posture and gesture of people in proximity, the company said.

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