Amazon now sells own ARM chips

January 07, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Annapurna Labs Inc. ( ), a subsidiary of Internet shopping channel, has announced the availability of its Alpine range of ARM-based chips and subsystems aimed at home use Wi-Fi routers and Network-Attached Storage devices.

Annapurna was founded in 2011 by Avigdor Willenz, founder of the chip-design company Galileo Technologies that was bought by Marvell in 2001 for about $2.7 billion. Annapurna was acquired, before it had produced product, by Amazon in January 2015 for a sum reported to be in the range $350 million to $370 million.

The Alpine product line, based on up to four ARMv7 and ARMv8 processor cores, supports the home deployment of applications and services, including media management, IoT management, surveillance and 4K/UHD television streaming, the company said.

There are already Home gateway, Wi-Fi router, and NAS product designs based on Alpine chips available from multiple equipment vendors including Netgear, QNAP Systems and Synology.

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