Arduino-compatible multi-sensor evaluation kit

January 05, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Rohm has unveiled a sensor evaluation kit equipped with 7 sensors and designed as an expansion board for use with existing open-source prototyping platforms such as Arduino and mbed.

The SensorShield-EVK-001 evaluation kit consists of an open-source expansion board (shield) with multiple sensor modules developed by the Rohm Group including an accelerometer, a barometric pressure sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, an ALS/proximity sensor, a colour sensor, a Hall effect sensor, a temperature sensor and a UV sensor.

The sensor shield can connect to an existing open-source MCU-based platform such as Arduino Uno to measure acceleration, temperature, and other physical quantities and conditions. The kit makes it easy to immediately verify sensor operation and facilitates the design of sensor devices, significantly lightening development load.

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