Bluechiip makes first MEMS bio-tag sales

April 21, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
Bluechiip Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia) has achieved the first sales of its passive ID and temperature-sensing device based on MEMS technology. The technology has particular applications in identification of biological samples to be stored in repositories.

The company has made sale to Australian synchrotron operator as well as genomics and clinical laboratory in North Carolina and hospitals in Shenzhen, China and Victoria, Australia.

Chairman Iain Kirkwood said that approximately $50,000 of gross sales have been achieved so far. The company was co-founded by MEMS technology consultant Brett Schwarz in 2003 who recently left the company. Jason Chaffey, chief technology officer is acting CEO.

Bluechiip, which receives MEMS from STMicroelectronics, has also developed a dual-function identity vial with Micronic BV, which combines passive RFID MEMS with 2D-barcode.

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