Common mode choke coil fit for BroadR-Reach

October 07, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Murata announced the mass production of its DLW43MH series of common mode choke inductors for use in noise reduction circuits of automotive Ethernet applications based on the BroadR-Reach 100 Mbps standard.

This new series of common mode chokes complement similar coils from the company aimed at supporting other automotive communication protocols such as CANBUS and FlexRay. Murata has achieved the characteristics required for these networking applications by controlling the balance of the electrostatic stray capacitance between wires. The DLW43MH measures 4.5x3.2x2.7mm and achieves a common mode inductance of 200 uH when measured at 100kHz. The rated voltage is 20V, has a rated current of up to 100mA and a maximum DC resistance of 4.5 ohms.

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