Former Qualcomm MEMS executive forms startup

May 01, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
Startup company Invis Technologies Corp has been founded by two significant MEMS industry executives: John Batey and Kurt Petersen. The existence of Invis was revealed when the company registered some early financial dealings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Batey, is listed as CEO of Invis. The company was founded in 2014 and is still without a website that could be found. Its business and technology plans are unknown for now but the experience of the two founders points to something MEMS-related.

Batey was chief operating officer of Iridigm Display Corp. (San Francisco, Calif.), which was sold to Qualcomm in 2004 for about $170 million. The Iridigm technology was the basis of the MEMS-based reflective interferometric display technology that Qualcomm called Mirasol. Batey served as president of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies from October 2004 to April 2011. Batey served another 18 months as an executive advisor to Qualcomm MEMS Technologies up until October 2012.

John Batey, CEO of Invis Technologies Corp.

Qualcomm announced it was dropping the Mirasol sunlight-readable displays in July 2012 and that it would try to license the technology out to other companies. The company had invested in a display manufacturing plant in Taiwan but it was reported at the time that Qualcomm had manufacturing problems with the technology that prevented good yields.