Globalfoundries to build FDSOI fab in China: Page 2 of 2

February 16, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
Globalfoundries Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) has said it will invest in increasing its manufacturing capacity both at existing wafer fabs and by building a 300mm wafer fab in China through a joint venture with the Chengdu Municipality.

Singapore is home to more mature wafer fabs, formerly Chartered Semiconductor, but Globalfoundries said it would increase production capacity for 40nm CMOS at its 300mm wafer fab there by 35 percent. The company will also add the ability to produce RF-SOI technology there.

"We are pleased to see GF bringing its innovative 22FDX technology to China and investing in the capacity necessary to support the country’s growing fabless semiconductor industry," said Min Li, CEO of Rockchip, in the same statement.

Globalfoundries has spent about $13 billion in the United States over the last eight years.

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