InvenSense, GloFo collaborate on ultrasonics

March 19, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
MEMS sensor company InvenSense Inc. is working with foundry Globalfoundries Inc. to develop an ultrasonic fingerprint imaging technology that will operate under glass and other solid surfaces.

InvenSense states that its UltraPrint technology is a potential replacement for capacitive sensors because UltraPrint will operate through glass of thicknesses greater than 0.3mm, the approximate limit of capacitive sensors.

InvenSense and Globalfoundries are enabling commercial volume manufacturing of aluminium nitride based piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (pMUTs). The pMUT is also something at the heart of technology from eXo Systems Inc. (Oakland, Calif.) (see Trillion-sensor man forms ultrasound startup ).

InvenSense was originally the developer of the CMOS-compatible 'Nasiri' MEMS manufacturing process which it provided to TSMC and Globalfoundries to try and foster fabless MEMS companies. InvenSense’s CMOS-MEMS platform can now be extended to pMUT devices and enable a biometric authentication solution for mobile and IoT products.

InvenSense’s UltraPrint technology enhances fingerprint imaging, enabling the reader to scan even when the user’s skin contains common contaminants such as oils, lotion, or perspiration.

"We look forward to expanding our collaboration into multiple pMUT devices and the delivery of best-in-class products to our customers," said Mo Maghsoudnia, vice president of technology and worldwide manufacturing at InvenSense.

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