Memory differences remain as ST chooses Globalfoundries for FDSOI

January 09, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
STMicroelectronics has chosen Globalfoundries' 22FDX FDSOI process as a platform for its next processors for consumer and industrial applications.

However, so far Globalfoundries has not announced that it can support the phase-change memory selected by ST as its non-volatile memory option at 28nm (see ST opts for phase-change memory on 28nm FDSOI ). When asked if Globalfoundries could support phase-change memory in FDSOI Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of product marketing told eeNews Europe: "That's not the announcement we are making today."

Globalfoundries has announced embedded MRAM on 22FDX (see Globalfoundries offers embedded MRAM on 22nm FDSOI ).

The general announcement comes as little surprise as ST has been a pioneer of 28nm FDSOI and has worked for many years in partnership with foundries Samsung and Globalfoundries. As ST has backed away from leading edge of digital manufacturing and process development Samsung has started making FDSOI circuits at 28nm, Globalfoundries is introducing 22FDX, Samsung has plans for 18nm FDSOI while Globalfoundries has announced plans for a 12nm FDSOI.

Mutricy said the existence of FDSOI at multiple nodes and a roadmap was a rebuttal to the nay-sayers that had said FDSOI would just be a niche process. "We offer performance at the next FinFET node at ultra-low power.

22FDX offers the ability to integrate digital, analog and RF into a single chip with millimeter wave support coming soon.

"The cost-effective performance and best-in-class energy efficiency benefits of GF’s 22FDX platform, coupled with ST’s extensive design experience and IP base in FD-SOI, will enable our customers with unparalleled value for power, performance and cost," said Joël Hartmann, executive vice president of digital front-end manufacturing and technology for STMicroelectronics, in a statement issued by Globalfoundries.

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