NFC Oscilloscope facilitates the evaluation of analogue NFC signals

April 10, 2018 // By Julien Happich
The NFC oscilloscope from Comprion comes with a great selection of NFC and ISO triggers, individual envelope signal calculation, and NFC/ISO measurement features to ease the evaluation of analogue NFC signals and consequently the development and integration of NFC-enabled devices.

The instrument comes with Design Validation Center Release 1.1. Triggers can be configured on different levels, for example, for carrier modulation, NFC frame start/end, decoder I/O collision or commands like WUPA, to mention only a few of the over 100 trigger conditions. Without requiring NFC expertise, it only takes two steps to make meaningful measurements with the new instrument, such as finding analogue interference signals in NFC communication. The envelope signal and the NFC measurement results are displayed immediately, allowing users to quickly go through a variety of scenarios with different combinations of analogue parameters.

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