Seismic sensor is only 9.8x10.9mm, draws 90 microA in standby

April 18, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The Omron D7S seismic sensor is specifically designed to trigger the shutdown of potentially hazardous or easily damaged systems in the event of an earthquake.

A key feature of the sensor is its ability to distinguish between genuine seismic activity from an earthquake or from some other source. When an earthquake strikes, the D7S uses Omron’s unique spectral intensity (SI) value calculation algorithms to distinguish between seismic activity and other movement. The sensor includes a 3-axis accelerometer, and on the basis of the resulting measurements, calculates the SI value to assess the magnitude of the earthquake. The 9.8x10.9mm board features its own internal memory and I2C interface, allowing it to be readily integrated into IoT devices. The sensor can also help determine damage by mapping seismic intensity and providing building collapse information. The unit draws 90 microAmps in standby and 300 microAmps when processing acquired data.

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