Software defined radio module used in leading 5G wireless research

November 05, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
National Instruments has commercially released the 5791 RF transceiver adapter module for FlexRIO, which is currently being used in multiple cutting-edge research projects on 5G technologies.

The module forms a powerful SDR solution when paired with a FlexRIO FPGA module for real-time, user-designed processing. Through triggering mechanisms provided by the PXI platform, users can synchronise eight or more transceivers for MIMO and beamforming configurations. The 5791 comes with extensive FPGA digital signal processing (DSP) libraries and example architectures for common signal processing applications.

The combination of the FlexRIO FPGA module and the 5791 is based on the same software technology developed for the world’s first vector signal transceiver (VST). This single-software framework using LabVIEW system design software enables faster prototyping in physical layer design applications. The company’s complete graphical system design solution provides a unified design flow for engineers and researchers working on wireless technologies to implement algorithms in FPGA hardware and on multicore processors without target-specific knowledge such as HDL or multithreaded programming. The 5791 adapter module is the latest addition to the SDR platform that includes the USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), as well as instrumentation-grade, PXI-based software-designed instruments.