Spectre XPS; a FastSPICE simulator for up to 10-times faster throughput

October 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Cadence has introduced Spectre XPS (eXtensive Partitioning Simulator), featuring a breakthrough partitioning technology, that enables higher capacity and faster simulation while requiring two to three times less system memory.

Cadence Design Systems' Spectre XPS runs simulation for large, complex chip designs, with claims that it delivers uniquely accurate timing analysis for advanced-node, low-power mobile applications. It is compatible with the existing Spectre environment, methodologies and PDKs. Spectre XPS enables designers, Cadence says, to accurately measure timing while including the impact of IR drop.

Spectre XPS allows re-use of models, stimulus, analysis and overall methodology; the platform spans SPICE, advanced SPICE, RF and FastSPICE; Spectre XPS integrates into the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment for mixed-signal design, and into the Liberate MX memory characterization tool for SRAM memory characterisation.

The gains in throughput are based on developments in partitioning large designs and enabling segments of the simulation to be run in parallel, so additional compute resource will be needed to realise the maximum increase in throughput. However, the simulator requires two to three times less system memory than competitive offerings, Cadence says.

Cadence; www.cadence.com