Synopsys collaborates with TSMC to develop custom design solution for 28nm Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Flow 2.0

June 03, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Synopsys, Inc., has collaborated with TSMC to deliver Synopsys' custom design solution for TSMC's 28-nm Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) Reference Flow 2.0. Part of TSMC's comprehensive 28nm design infrastructure, the flow delivers new advanced automation capabilities to improve productivity and shorten the design cycle. The new capabilities include both parasitic-aware and Layout Dependent Effect (LDE)-aware design methodologies.

Synopsys' comprehensive custom solution was validated for TSMC's AMS Reference Flow 2.0 to help ensure that customers can be more confident in meeting their design quality and timeline requirements. Key components of the solution are Galaxy Custom Designer custom implementation, HSPICE circuit simulation, CustomSim FastSPICE circuit simulation, Custom WaveView waveform analyzer, IC Validator physical verification and StarRC Custom parasitic extraction.

The parasitic-aware flow reduces the number of late-stage design and layout iterations due to parasitic effects by accurately estimating pre-layout interconnect parasitics using process-based models. Additionally, interconnect parasitic constraints can also be specified in the schematic and then automatically verified in the layout. "What-if" analysis on completed layouts is also supported. This capability enables designers to easily analyze the effects of transistor parameter changes without modifying the layout and taking into account the actual layout interconnect parasitics.

The LDE-aware capability helps accelerate the layout process by reducing design iterations to accommodate LDE. This method allows designers to model the layout-dependent effects during the initial pre-layout design phase and accelerate time-to-tapeout.

Synopsys plans to demonstrate Custom Designer with the TSMC AMS Reference Flow 2.0 in several locations at DAC 2011, which takes place in San Diego, Calif. June 5 to 8 2011.

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