Ultrasonic processor & driver for robotics and sensing, in distribution

August 02, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser has the PGA460 and PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic signal processors and drivers from Texas Instruments (TI). Available in both automotive (PGA460-Q1) and non-automotive (PGA460) options, these devices are ultrasonic sensors that support wide-distance object detection at low power, for range of ultrasonic position sensing and robotics applications.

The devices are highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) ultrasonic transducer drivers and a signal conditioners with an advanced DSP core. They feature two driver-based topologies: a transformer-based topology that uses a complimentary low-side driver pair that can drive a transducer using a step-up transformer, or a direct-drive topology that uses external high-side FETs.


Echo-based object detection operates from 5cm to 11m. The architecture is an analogue front-end (AFE), consisting of a low-noise amplifier followed by a programmable time-varying gain stage feeding into an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC). The digitized signal is then processed in the DSP core for both near-field and far-field object detection using time-varying thresholds.


Communication interfaces include a time-command interface (TCI), a one-wire USART asynchronous interface and a CMOS-level USART. The devices also feature on-chip system diagnostics, which provide information such as transducer voltage, frequency and decay time. TI PGA460 devices are supported by the BOOSTXL-PGA460 evaluation module, which works with a TI MSP430 USB LaunchPad evaluation kit to create a USB-to-PC graphical user interface (GUI) communication bridge.


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