Analog and digital MEMS microphone design considerations: Page 2 of 8

April 01, 2013 //By Jerad Lewis
Analog and digital MEMS microphone design considerations
Jerad Lewis examines the design considerations that need to be addressed when integrating analog and digital MEMS microphones into a system design.

Figure 2 shows a block diagram of a PDM-output MEMS microphone and Figure 3 shows a typical I2S-output digital microphone. The I2S microphone contains all of the digital circuitry that a PDM microphone has, as well as a decimation filter and serial port.


Figure 2: Typical PDM MEMS Microphone Block Diagram



Figure 3: Typical I2S MEMS Microphone Block Diagram


A MEMS microphone package is unique among semiconductor devices, in that there is a hole in the package for the acoustic energy to reach the transducer element. Inside this package, the MEMS microphone transducer and the analog or digital ASIC are bonded together and mounted on a common laminate. A lid is then bonded over the laminate to enclose the transducer and ASIC. This laminate is basically a small PCB that's used to route the signals from the ICs to the pins on the outside of the microphone package.

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