Electronics between chaos and control

September 13, 2018 // By Wisse Hettinga

When designing electronics you have to follow the rules, stay within the specifications of the components, make sure there is no crosstalk in the design and keep the input and output out of the way of each other…..unless you are a modular synth designer. In that case you take the design to the edge, to the point where chaos tries to take over and the system is trying to get out of control. What an undesired effect is for one is music to the ear for the other.

That sweet balance between between chaos and control, that is the space synth lovers like to explore. They push the electronic designs to discover new sounds and effects, to find new ways to experience music and share that with others. 

This video will take you to the Modular Day in Barcelona. At Hangar.org, one of the many creative hubs of the city, a group of modular synth artists, designers and manufacturers displayed their latests designs and synths and, as one of the organisers explains, to see what happens….

Watch the full video here..

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