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September 30, 2013 //By Alison Evans
High accuracy analog signal measurement with ultra low power MCU
Alison Evans, European Technical Marketing Avnet Memec looks at the numerous design considerations faced when optimizing a high precision analog design for low power consumption.
customers with a complete solution to help bring low power hand help applications to market quickly and efficiently. The new AFE-MCU solution is targeted toward industrial, medical and data acquisition applications. Each includes a sensor, signal conditioning circuits, and a microcontroller.

Avnet Memec has created a technology design support webpage for low power data acquisition solutions where you will find application notes, product data sheets and cook books providing much of the information you may need to support your design activities. Visit: www.avnet-memec.eu/products/newsletter/intersil/intersil-issue-september2013-low-power-precision-analog.html


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