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eeNews Europe, eeNews Embedded and MWee Print editions will stop publishing as of January 2021 as panEuropean print is now no longer viable. The Covid-19 pandemic and the continuous shift of advertising budgets to digital media has made the volume of print advertising collapse in 2020. It has now become impossible to achieve positive operational margins due to ever increasing mailing costs. Over the years, eeNews Europe has built a very strong portfolio of websites including vertical sites in all major fields of the electronics including analog, automotive, embedded, power management, and wireless which can all be accessed via our 3 main portals
Going fully digital will allow us to focus on accelerating the expansion of our online audience, offer additional new services such as sponsored content, on demand webinars, sponsored newsletters, video and explore new opportunities.


 EE News Europe's website and related designlines welcome an average of 100,000 unique visitors per month and it's daily newsletter reaches +/- 60000readers


eeNews MEDIA DATA 2021 

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eeNews Europe 2021 Euro

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Sponsored Content

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Newsletter sponsorships

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Customer corner in newsletters

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On Demand Webinars

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Design Channels

eeNews Europe publishes 5 vertical Design Centers connecting engineers with expert sources of knowledge, from vendors, consultants,
independent designers and application engineers. These dedicated web sites deliver breaking news, reviews, product announcements,
in-depth product research tools, expert advice and analysis, insights into industry trends, and hands-on how-to details.

eeNews Design Channels 2020 €

eeNews Design Channels 2020 $

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