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July 12, 2016 //By John Wiggenhorn, Fairchild Semiconductor
DACD Solution Simplifies Smart LED Lighting Design
Smart LED lighting systems in various fields - from home to commercial to public applications – are taking off at great speed. The U.S. market researcher IHS projects over 160 Million smart lighting systems to be sold in commercial applications this year, with a CAGR of over 40 percent through 2018. This is due to their inherent advantages, such as low power consumption, dimmability and choice of color, flexibility in size and easiness of combining to form LED strips. These capabilities are key for creating attractive lighting solutions according to the customers' architectural guidelines and preferences. One frequent problem that industrial lighting designers have when they are developing smart LED solutions is not having the necessary power supply expertise, which was not a key competency before LED lighting took off.
  • applications . The Fairchild FL77944 can scale upwards to suit higher power applications well above 120W. This is simply done by wiring products in parallel. It also reduces the number of different ICs that lighting manufacturers need to keep in inventory.


  • Elimination of electrolytic capacitors . System designs with the FL77944 can eliminate the electrolytic caps, transformers and inductance coils. This reduces both the bill-of-materials (BOM) costs and the overall complexity compared to designs using SMPS.


  • Reduced board space . Locating the controller IC on the same PCBs as the LEDs, aided by the absence of electrolytic caps, transformers and inductance coils enables more compact lighting designs.


  • Tunable Flicker reduction . With the addition of external energy storage capacitors, the flicker index can be tuned to application acceptable levels while meeting PF > 0.9 and THD < 20%.


  • Improved reliability and lifetime . LED products based on the FL77944 should be more reliable and last significantly longer than SMPS-based products as there are fewer points of failure. Eliminating electrolytic capacitors removes the most common source of failures in SMPS-based products. 


To sum up the FL77944 value proposition: It is the simplest, most cost effective lighting solution currently on the market. It provides best-in-class light quality that meets high PF and low THD requirements, along with various dimming principles. It is suited for indoor and outdoor applications, including down light, tube light, high bay, flood light and street light systems.

Figure 4. LED Board based on the LF77944


Evaluation Board Now Available

At the recent PCIM Europe trade fair (10 - 12 May 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany) Fairchild also demonstrated the FEBFL77944 evaluation board for systems designers. Visit Fairchild’s LED Direct AC Drive  blog, lighting solutions guide and Direct AC Drive website for detailed product information, datasheets and evaluation boards. 



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