16-ch data acquisition IC; 14-bit, bipolar input, dual simultaneous sampling ADC

16-ch data acquisition IC; 14-bit, bipolar input, dual simultaneous sampling ADC

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Analog Devices (ADI) has released the AD7617, a 14-bit, DAS (data acquisition system) that supports dual simultaneous sampling of 16 channels. The AD7617 operates from a single +5V supply and can accommodate ±10V, ±5V, and ±2.5V true bipolar input signals while sampling at throughput rates up to 1 Msample/sec per channel pair with 85 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
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Higher SNR performance can be achieved with the on-chip oversampling mode (85.3 dB for an oversampling ratio (OSR) of 2). The input clamp protection circuitry can tolerate voltages up to ±21V. The AD7617 has 1 MΩ analogue input impedance, regardless of sampling frequency. The single-supply operation, on-chip filtering, and high input impedance eliminate the need for driver op amps and external bipolar supplies.


The device contains analogue input clamp protection, a dual, 14-bit charge-redistribution successive approximation register (SAR) ADC, a flexible digital filter, a 2.5V reference and reference buffer, and high speed serial and parallel interfaces. The AD7617 is serial peripheral interface (SPI)/QSPI/DSP/MICROWIRE compatible. Use it, ADI suggests, in power line monitoring; protective relays; multiphase motor control; and in instrumentation and control systems.


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16-channel, dual, simultaneously sampled inputs

  • Independently selectable channel input ranges

    • True bipolar: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V

  • Single 5V analogue supply and 2.3V to 3.6V VDRIVE supply

  • Fully integrated data acquisition solution

    • Analogue input clamp protection

    • Input buffer with 1 MΩ analogue input impedance

    • First-order antialiasing analogue filter

    • On-chip accurate reference and reference buffer

    • Dual 14-bit SAR ADC

    • Throughput rate: 2× 1 MSPS per channel pair

    • Oversampling capability with digital filter

    • Flexible sequencer with burst mode

  • Flexible parallel/serial interface

    • SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE/DSP compatible

    • Optional CRC error checking

  • Hardware/software configuration

  • Performance

    • 85.3 dB typical SNR at 500 kSPS (2× oversampling)

    • 85 dB typical SNR at 1 MSPS

    • −103 dB typical THD at ±10 V range

    • ±0.3 LSB INL (typical), ±0.99 LSB DNL (maximum)

    • 8 kV ESD analog input pins only

  • On-chip self detect function

  • 80-lead LQFP package


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