4 to 18GHz RF synthesizer features -130dBc/Hz phase noise

4 to 18GHz RF synthesizer features -130dBc/Hz phase noise

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The LNS-18 announced by Noise eXtended Technologies (Noise XT) is a general-purpose low noise synthesizer that generate a flexible frequency range up to 18GHz.
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With -132 dBc/Hz at 10GHz carrier and 20 kHz offset, the LNS-18 is designed to test the most advanced components and systems for demanding applications in military and aerospace applications. Optional level control, pulse modulation, GPIB, and low frequency extension down to 8 MHz using ultra-low noise frequency dividers (-165 dBc/Hz) are available in addition to Ethernet and EFC input. The LNS-18 has an output frequency of 4 to 18 GHz (with option for 8 MHz minimum), an output level of +13 dBm (+/-2 dB), and non-harmonic spurious below -50 dBc from 1 Hz to 1 kHz offset and below -80 dBc above 1 kHz offset.

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