50x45x20mm dust sensor detects particles down to 1 micron

50x45x20mm dust sensor detects particles down to 1 micron

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Omron Electronic Components Europe is launching a new dust sensor module, claiming a sensitivity four times greater than that of other LED dust sensors on the market.
By Julien Happich


The 50x45x20mm dust sensor is able to detect particles as small as 1 micron, less than half the size of the PM2.5 standard for fine particulate matter in the atmosphere. It also features a high air throughput, of around 6 times that of established alternatives, giving improved sensitivity of response to changes in the environment. The sensor is part of a growing range of Omron solutions for HVAC and other environmental systems. They include the D6F-PH MEMS pressure sensor and the velocity sensors D6F-V which incorporate a Dust segregation System (DSS). The design of all Omron sensors guarantees very sensitive and temperature compensated measurement of air for a precise HVAC control.

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