5nm processor for wearables made with EUV and chiplets

5nm processor for wearables made with EUV and chiplets

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Samsung Electronics has introduced the Exynos W920 application processor for wearable equipment implemented in 5nm EUV manufacturing process technology.
By Peter Clarke


The Exynos W920 integrates an LTE modem, two Cortex-A55 cores and a Mali-G68 GPU. The GPU has improved CPU performance of 20 percent and 10x improved graphics performance compared to a predecessor device. This will allow the Exynos W920 to provide more detailed graphics on smartwatches.

The Exynos W920 a multi-die component made using fan-out panel level packaging (FO-PLP). The component incorporates a power management IC, LPDDR4 memory and an embedded multimedia card (eMMC) is the same package. The compact packaging allows smartwatches to contain more battery or be built in smaller form factors.

The Exynos W920 supports a new unified wearable platform Samsung built jointly with Google, and will be first applied to the upcoming Galaxy Watch model.

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