60,000 g piezoresistive shock accelerometer

60,000 g piezoresistive shock accelerometer

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Meggitt Sensing Systems released the Endevco model 72-60K piezoresistive shock accelerometer, offering a 60,000 g measurement range, light gas damping and best-in-class four times over-range shock survivability. The series is designed to support a variety of high-reliability acceleration, vibration and shock measurements. Model 72-60K features a patented, monolithic, four-active arm bridge circuit design incorporating the use of Meggitt's own proprietary sensing element, all manufactured in-house at its ISO9001 certified MEMS facility in Sunnyvale, California.
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The element is housed within a low-profile, miniature, seam sealed leadless chip carrier (LCC) package, weighing just 0.16 gram, for minimized mass loading effects and ease of SMT mounting. Included integral mechanical stops at a minimum of 2X allow for 1.5X linear over-range for increased ruggedness and reduced likelihood of breakage under overload conditions. The Endevco model 72 series also offers a Class 3 rating (>4000 V – Human Body Model) and integral ESD protection against potential process damage. A combination of light gas damping and mechanical over-travel stops serves to attenuate resonance and dramatically enhance shock survivability, even in applications where actual shock levels may not be known. All units are fully factory tested at full-scale range to ensure minimal zero shift after shock, ensuring their exceptional reliability and performance within demanding environments.

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