Absolute encoder supports 17-bit resolution over full rotation

Absolute encoder supports 17-bit resolution over full rotation

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Avago Technologies announced a high-resolution absolute optical encoder for high-performance servo and motor feedback applications. The AEAT-9000 single-turn encoder offers up to 17-bit resolution for precise angle measurement over a full rotation of 360 degrees. The device's modular design consists of a read head module and a high-precision code disc.
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Unlike conventional encoders, the modular package of the AEAT-9000 encoder enables it to be directly integrated on the motor, providing system cost savings and better overall performance. Leveraging differential internal and external signal paths, the absolute encoder delivers superior noise cancellation for robust system noise-immunity in industrial environments. The encoder delivers high-accuracy positioning with 2-channel true differential Sine/Cosine outputs and A/B incremental analog outputs all with 2048 counts per rotation. The multiple output formats offer flexibility to support both absolute and incremental position information. In addition, the encoder incorporates photo detectors for electrical alignment on the radial and tilt. Other features include on-chip interpolation and code correction to compensate for mounting tolerance, selectable direction for Up/Down position counters, a built-in monitor track for monitoring LED light level, and an error output for LED degradation. The device is rated for operation in the -40 to 115°C temperature range.

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