Accelerometer features dual user-programmable state machines

Accelerometer features dual user-programmable state machines

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Kionix's KXCNL configurable accelerometer features two state machines that allow designers to dynamically program the device for numerous applications, enabling the device to simultaneously run multiple applications at the chip level.
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This takes significant processing load off the system’s main applications processor and conserving power. The KXCNL enables a wide combination of applications from basic screen rotation to more sophisticated programs such as freefall detection, pedometry, Tap/Double-Tap, power management and more. The KXCNL allows applications to be swapped out "on the fly," providing designers with a new level of flexibility and extensibility. To assist customers in adapting to this new flexibility, Kionix is providing a library of pre-written state programs, while still allowing customers to write their own state programs if they choose.

The 3x3x0.9mm accelerometer features user-selectable 2g, 4g, 6g, and 8g ranges, a user-programmable ODR. It draws only 2 to 250µA in operation from a 1.7 to 3.6V operating voltage.

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