Accurate, stable compass module, in distribution

Accurate, stable compass module, in distribution

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Distributor Acal Bfi has the HMR3601 precision gyro-stabilised compass module from Honeywell Magneto.
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Offering high accuracy and stability, this 3-axis digital gyro stabilised compass module has azimuth accuracy of 0.5 degrees with 0.1 degree resolution, a ±80 degree pitch and roll range, and < 0.5° tilt accuracy.

The HMR3601 features gyro stabilisation, combining three magneto-resistive sensors, three MEMs accelerometers and a MEMS yaw rate gyro to provide for hard and soft-iron correction algorithms, reducing the effect of magnetic disturbances and keeping the heading output accurate. With its fast update speed and rugged construction, this azimuth sensor is suitable for a range of applications including antenna pointing, weather station heading, UAV/AUV heading, and target locator heading.

The HMR3601 has an accompanying development kit.

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