ADI’s mixed-signal learning kit available from distributor

ADI’s mixed-signal learning kit available from distributor

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Distributor element14 has the ADALM1000, a complete low cost learning ecosystem for mixed-signal circuit designs from Analog Devices.
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Priced at £24.69 (UK Pounds or equivalent), the ADALM1000 is suitable for teachers, students, electronic design engineers, hobbyists and makers who can benefit from a portable, low cost source-measure unit that works by streaming to a desktop computer or laptop.

Based around from an open source hardware platform, the included software operates on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and BSD platforms and provides interactive data visualisation and analysis software that helps users test and measure many types of electronic circuits.

With the ADALM1000, users can build and test a wide range of components and circuits as well as download pre-defined projects and video lectures. C, C++, MATLAB and Python support is also included.

The Active Learning Module uses the USB connection from the user’s computer to provide integrated dual voltage and current supplies and can also act as a basic signal generator. The module also includes probes that allow users to do basic circuit measurements as well as more complex performance visualisation and analysis through the use of 16-bit, 100 ksample/sec signal conversion which is displayed on the user’s computer display.

David Shen, Group CTO at Premier Farnell, said: “We are excited to add this product to our portfolio as it provides a low cost, powerful electronic test and measurement tool to a broad range of new audiences that may not have regular access to a complete test bench. To support the module, we will also be releasing an accessories kit in the coming weeks that will be used in upcoming online classes and tutorials.”

The ADALM1000 kit includes the module, USB cable, I/O cables, header-pins, Quick Start Guide and is supported by a diverse online network.

To get started and make the most of the ADALM1000 element14 will also be supplying a kit of 234 components in a plastic storage container that support a series of labs and learning experiments, I turn available for free download.

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