Ambiq appoints CEO with power experience

Ambiq appoints CEO with power experience

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Ambiq Micro Inc. (Austin, Texas), a pioneer of ultra-low power microcontrollers, has appointed Fumihide (Humi) Esaka as CEO. Esaka takes over from Mike Noonen, a board director, who has acted as interim CEO since July of this year.
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Ambiq was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Michigan with a charter to commercialize circuits with sub-treshold voltage operation of transistors. The company launched its Apollo family of Cortex-M4F based microcontrollers (MCUs) in January 2015 claiming they could reduce power consumption to between 20 and 10 percent of that of competitors’ comparable MCUs. The Apollo MCUs operate at voltages from 3.8V down to 0.5V.


Esaka has held CEO roles in his last two companies, Nihon Inter Electronics Corp. and, most recently, power conversion specialist, Transphorm Inc. He joined International Rectifier as a Vice President in 1995, where he worked for twelve years, having previously spent six years as a manager at consultancy firm, Accenture.

"This is a most exciting time to be joining Ambiq Micro. The company has started full production of the world’s lowest power microcontroller and it’s already winning designs in leading consumer wearables and other IoT applications," said Esaka, in a statement.

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