AMS to spend $2 billion on New York wafer fab

AMS to spend $2 billion on New York wafer fab

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Austrian mixed-signal and sensor IC specialist has pledged to spend $2 billion over the course of a 20-year rental of a wafer fab in upstate New York.
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As expected AMS AG (Unterpremstaetten, Austria) has announced that it is planning to occupy a wafer fab to be constructed at Marcy, in upstate New York.

Under an agreement reached with the State of New York, AMS will rent the fully operational wafer fab for a period of 20 years for a nominal yearly amount and will only incur operating expenses on the wafers produced, the company said. AMS expects to spend more than $2 billion on capital purchases, operating expenses and other investments in the facility over the first 20 years.

AMS will work in partnership with New York State and the State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic and the College of Nanoscience and Engineering (CNSE) to build, staff and operate the 200/300mm wafer fab.

Construction on the 450-acre site at Marcy will start in spring 2016. AMS expects to create 700 full time jobs and at least an additional 500 additional jobs for contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and partners. Additionally, AMS will work with Fort Schuyler Management (FSMC) and SUNY Poly on a program of complementary research, commercialization and workforce training.

Thomas Stockmeier, COO of AMS, said the company had decided to locate its next manufacturing facility in New York was motivated by the proximity to education and research institutions and “favorable business environment” provided by Governor Cuomo of New York State.

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