Analog matrix processor offers 8 TOPS per watt

Analog matrix processor offers 8 TOPS per watt

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Mythic Inc. (Redwood City, Calif.) has introduced a second analog matrix processor, the M1076, following on from the M1108.
By Peter Clarke


The M1108 has 108 analog matrix processor (AMP) tiles, capacity for 113 million deep neural network weight parameters and consumed up to 4W.

The M1076 packs up to 25 TOPS of AI compute power into a single chip that consumes up to 3W and up to 400 TOPS and 1.28 billion weights in a PCIe card form-factor. The M1076 AMP comes in several form factors: a standalone processor; a PCIe M.2 card; and a PCIe card with up to 16 AMPs. In a 16-chip configuration, the M1076 AMP PCIe card delivers up to 400 TOPs of AI compute while consuming 75W.

The M1076 AMP is suitable for video analytics workloads including object detection, classification, and depth estimation for industrial machine vision, autonomous drones, surveillance cameras, and network video recorders (NVRs) applications. The M1076 AMP can also support AR/VR applications with low latency human body pose estimation which is expected to drive future smart fitness, gaming, and collaborative robotics devices.

The M1076 on PCIe cards is available for evaluation beginning July 2021, Mythic said.

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