ARM backs Open Sensor Platform

ARM backs Open Sensor Platform

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ARM Holdings plc (Cambridge, England) has offered its support of the Open Sensor Platform (OSP) for sensor hub applications, developed by startup Sensor Platforms Inc. (San Jose, Calif.).
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Sensor Platforms is the developer of the FreeMotion Library of software for sensor fusion functions.

The OSP is a framework for sensor data acquisition, communication, and interpretation, compatible with any CPU architecture or real-time operating system, according to documentation on Sensor Platforms website. OSP encourages developers to focus on creating low-level applications for sensors rather than reinventing the wheel on the sensor interface.

The OSP is processor architecture agnostic but was written with the ARM architecture in mind, according to Sensor Platforms.

Technical documentation states: "The first sample of OSP implementation

is an Android KitKat-compliant sensor hub providing always-on sensor data up to the Android hardware abstraction layer (HAL) on the application processor. However the framework is simple and flexible enough to be extended to more use cases. OSP developers will also be able to seamlessly take advantage of higher-level sensor interpretation such as that available through Sensor Platforms’ own FreeMotion Libraries that provide robust sensor fusion always-on context awareness and pedestrian dead reckoning."


"As an open source platform for sensor fusion fundamentals, OSP will enable a community of developers to accelerate new functionality for ongoing innovation in sensor hubs across applications. As a result, we should see devices and applications that are more aware of their user and their environment, making technology more useful for all," said Charlene Marini, vice president of marketing for embedded business at ARM , in a statement issued by Sensor Platforms.

OSP will be open sourced under Apache License, version 2.0, and will actively manage and incorporate community contributions. The initial source code release, supporting documentation, and forum support will be available at on or before May 12.

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