ARM versus RISC-V at European Processor forum

ARM versus RISC-V at European Processor forum
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The ARM and RISC-V processor architectures will both be represented at The European Processor Initiative Forum, a two-day conference to take place March 16, 17 in Paris.
By Peter Clarke


Senior executives from ARM, RISC-V Foundation, Hewlett-Packard Enterprises and TSMC among others, will speak at conference being organized to discuss European requirements for exascale computing, hardware acceleration and automotive computing.

EPI has, as a key part of its mandate, the need to create processors that will support European strategic independence and a favourable global economic position in exascale computing.

RISC-V is in the frame to be the basis of European solutions for acceleration and automotive applications while the ARM Neoverse architecture has been chosen for high-performance computing. Meanwhile a startup company SiPearl has been created to design the necessary chips (see European processor startup gets €6.2 million kickstart grant).

The first day will include a keynote by Brent Gorda, senior director of HPC at ARM. The second day will feature a keynote speech from Calista Redmond, CEO of the RISC-V Foundation. ( see interview of Calista Redmond at the Embedded World exhibition: The world is big enough! – Calista Redmond, CEO RISC-V

“As sovereignty is becoming more and more important, EPI is going to play a central role in the European HPC landscape. Initially, with the design of the RHEA processor, on next-generation ARM Neoverse architecture, we are going to equip the European exascale supercomputer,” said Jean-Marc Denis, chairman of EPI, in a statement. He added: “In parallel, as part of our long-term strategy, we are starting to build foundations for our future European IP toolbox based on a variety of IP solutions including RISC-V, which will target custom accelerators and microprocessors.”

Denis added that he expected SiPearl to have created first-generation processors and have them in the field in 2022.

Further details of the conference can be found at EPI’s website linked below.

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