Bluetooth Smart beacon integrates tri-axial accelerometer

Bluetooth Smart beacon integrates tri-axial accelerometer

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A few months after releasing the EMBC01, a multi-protocol proximity beacon, EM Microelectronic has released the EMBC02, a Bluetooth Smart beacon that integrates a 3-axis accelerometer in a sleek, weatherproof (IP-64) housing.
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By attaching EMBC02 to objects or people, both, proximity and motion, can be monitored by a smartphone or tablet application. The EMBC02 can be programmed to transmit proximity and identification data, like standard beacons, but it can also provide motion data (movements, vibrations, acceleration) as well as specific motion-based alarms based on accelerometer data, originating from shock, free-fall or taps.

The accelerometer allows to maximize battery life by “beaconing” data only when required, e.g. while in motion, or when an alarm condition occurs. While the EMBC01 Bluetooth Smart proximity beacon can operate for more than 12 months on a single CR2032 coin cell, the EMBC02 offers even longer battery life with optimized usage scenarios where the beacon sleeps (or transmits infrequently) until the accelerometer detects movement. The device is FCC/CE/IC certified, includes a multi-function button for input and two LEDs for user feedback.

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