Carbon monoxide sensor withstands temperature and humidity extremes

Carbon monoxide sensor withstands temperature and humidity extremes

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City Technology has introduced the 4CM, a carbon monoxide sensor developed to meet the most stringent toxic gas and mining standards. The sensor demonstrates outstanding performance and stability in temperature and humidity extremes. The 4CM outperforms other sensors on the market by responding 12% faster to CO hazards and recovering in over half the time of the industry average, says the manufacturer.
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Carbon monoxide (CO) is extremely difficult for people to detect. Exposure to concentrations as low as 100 ppm can be dangerous, higher levels of exposure can be life threatening. In industry, the gas is routinely found in mining facilities, oil and gas plants, petrochemical facilities, steel plants and wastewater treatment plants. It is also major potential hazard when personnel are required to enter confined spaces and therefore effective CO detection is vital. The 4CM has a typical T90 time of seven seconds and a recovery time to an indicated level of less than 2ppm in less than 100 seconds. During 50-day exposures in 50°C and 11% relative humidity, and 50°C at 95% relative humidity, the 4CM operated to specification. The sensor provides excellent accuracy and stability at high and low gas concentrations, meeting the EN45544 requirements for uncertainty, typically achieving 1ppm for zero concentrations and less than 1% variation at 250, 750 and 1000ppm.

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