Cicor takes PCB traces down to 25-micron

Cicor takes PCB traces down to 25-micron

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Cicor Technologies Ltd. (Boudry, Switzerland) has announced a printed circuit board technology called DenciTec that enables higher density of interconnection and func-tions and is suitable for medical and IoT applications.
By Peter Clarke


Conventional PCB technologies of panel plating and pattern plating deliver conductor widths and spacings down to 50-micron, said Cicor. Although semi-additive processes using thin-film technology can achieve widths and spacings of less than 15-micron this is usually limited to production formats that result in expensive pricing.

The DenciTec platform enables the production of circuits with extremely high density without the disadvantages of today’s established manufacturing processes, said Cicor without revealing the changes or innovations it is introducing.

The new DenciTec platform includes the ability to manufacture conductor widths and spacings down to 25-micron with copper thicknesses of 20-micron +/- 5-micron on all conductive layers, laser-via diameters of 35-micron, annular rings with a diameter of 30-micron for the inner layers and 20-micron for the outer layers, copper-filled blind vias with the option of via stacking, and vias–in-pads. The use of advanced materials allows the production of ultra-thin circuits, including, for example, the manufacture of 4-layer flexible circuits with a total thickness of less than 120-micron.

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