‘Classic’ Bluetooth or Bluetooth ‘Smart Ready’ to grow faster outside of mobile handsets

‘Classic’ Bluetooth or Bluetooth ‘Smart Ready’ to grow faster outside of mobile handsets

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Shipments of devices enabled with dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 and earlier iterations of the Bluetooth specification are projected to surpass three billion units in 2017, according to a recently published study by IMS Research.
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Growth in the market for Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Smart Ready-enabled devices is projected to be driven by not only the success of smartphones, but also through increasing attach rates in televisions and personal computers.

“As television manufacturers include Bluetooth to provide the wireless communication channel between television and active-shutter 3DTV glasses, attach rates in these devices are projected to rise. Already, we have seen companies such as Samsung and Panasonic providing glasses making use of the technology” noted Liam Quirke, connectivity analyst at IMS Research.

Previously, Bluetooth had not had a great deal of success in televisions, where infra-red had been the technology of choice for wireless communication between remote controls or active shutter 3DTV glasses and the television set. “RF technology instead of infra-red can offer a number of benefits, such as non-line of sight operation, wider viewing angles and two-way communication”, added Quirke.

In personal computers, higher Bluetooth attach rates are witnessed in laptop PCs as they become more portable; also all-in-one (AiO) desktop PCs often feature wireless mice and keyboards which can make use of Bluetooth technology. As a result of this, increasing shipments of Bluetooth-enabled personal computers are projected to result from their uptake in ultrathin and all-in-one notebooks and desktop PCs.


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