Colibrys launches vibrational gyroscope

Colibrys launches vibrational gyroscope

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Swiss MEMS manufacturer Colibrys SA has launched a gyrometer based on vibrating technology that can achieve low noise and short-term stability.
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The GS1000 gyrometer, based on a resonant system thay is an alternative to a fiber optic gyroscope (FOG), offers a noise figure of 0.015 degrees per second from 0.1Hz to 100Hz.

In addition, Colibrys said that in june 2015 it plans to offer a vibration sensor that will surpass all existing MEMS for low frequency sensing. In general Colibrys provides high-end capacitive accelerometers and gyros resistant to harsh environments.

Since its spin off from CSEM (Neuchatel, Switzerland) in 2001, Colibrys has delivered more than 8 million MEMS devices. The company moved to Yverdon-les-Bains, Switerland in 2013 as it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagem, now Safran. During the relocation Colibrys acquired a 6-inch wafer fab.

The company announced that it was in production at Yverdon-les-Bains in September 2014.

"We are ready to speed-up our growth and to address the new market needs on the long term," said Patrick Gougeon, CEO of Colibrys, in a statement. "These two last years, we have managed to implement strong structural changes in a record time. Thanks to a clear product development roadmap, we are confident to ensure and reinforce our position as a leader of high performances MEMS sensors."

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