Color sensor shows highest dynamic range

Color sensor shows highest dynamic range

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The AS73211 sensor from AMS achieves better dynamic range than other colour sensor ICs, so that it can precisely measure colour of dark objects and it is intended for high-end consumer and industrial applications.
By Peter Clarke


The XYZ “tri-stimulus” color sensor which offers higher sensitivity and a wider choice of conversion times than any other previous device of its type. The AS73211 extends the existing ams portfolio of TCS3430 and AS7261 true color sensors and addresses the requirements of high-end displays, spotlights and colorimeters (see Color sensor IC closely matches the response of the human eye).

The sensor measures color at light levels from 0.4 lux up to 208 klux – a dynamic range of 250 million:1, that operates from moonlight to bright sunshine. The sensor’s 24-bit resolution light-to-digital converter offers the ability to configure the conversion time in a range from 125 microseconds at 10 bit resolution up to 16 seconds. Low power consumption and an automatic power-down mode support use in low-energy and handheld applications, AMS claims.

The AS73211 operates over a temperature range from -40°C to 125°C and internal temperature compensation is used to maintain accuracy.

The chip is housed in a 16-lead QFN package and is available in production volumes. Unit pricing is below €5.00 in an order quantity of 5,000 units.

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