Could India’s analog wafer fab be moving south?

Could India’s analog wafer fab be moving south?

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Cricket Semiconductor, a company set up with the purpose of building and operating $1 billion analog and power semiconductor wafer fab in India has been in talks with state government of Telangana, according to a report in the New Indian Express.
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The report quoted KT Rama Rao, the state’s Minister of IT & Communications as its source.

The talks come after Cricket Semiconductor had signed a memorandum of understanding with government of the state of Madhya Pradesh to work towards setting up an analog fab in that state. Madhya Pradesh, capital Bhopal, is a few hundred miles north of Telangana, capital Hyderabad.

The existence of Cricket Semiconductor was first disclosed in a statement from the Indian Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) in February 2015, which referenced the MoU signed with Madhya Pradesh. It also said that Madhya Pradesh had appoved the Analog Semiconductor Fabrication [FAB] Investment Policy, which covers support for any wafer fab investment in the state that exceeded $500 million.

The measures include free land for the building, reimbursement for the cost of building a factory shell and guaranteed water and electricity supplies at internationally competitive prices for 10 years (see India to build billion-dollar analog wafer fab).

But now Telangana has apparently tried to entice Cricket Semiconductor to come south to its state. "We had preliminary discussions with Cricket Semiconductor for its analog fab unit. Our long-term plan is to bring a fab unit here," the New Indian Express quoted Rao as saying.

Rao said Telangana was inviting companies from Taiwan and Korea to come to the state to help build up an ecosystem and is also training people and has set up a committee to rationalize taxes. "We are also offering tailor-made packages for large industries. We have to go out of the way to help companies get a competitive edge over China,” the report quoted Rao saying.

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