Cypress TrueTouch touchscreen solution to support the Android 3.0 platform

Cypress TrueTouch touchscreen solution to support the Android 3.0 platform

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Cypress Semiconductor's TrueTouch touchscreen solution is supporting the Android 3.0, Honeycomb, platform. Several Honeycomb-based tablets with TrueTouch are already in the pre-production stage and many more handsets running earlier versions of Android are currently in production.
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The Android 3.0 platform is optimized for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. The platform introduces a brand new, truly virtual and “holographic” user interface (UI) design, as well as an elegant, content-focused interaction model.

Android 3.0 has a new UI for interaction, navigation, and customization that makes them available to all applications – even those built for earlier versions of the platform. Applications written for Android 3.0 are able to use an extended set of UI objects, powerful graphics, and media capabilities to engage users in new ways.

Cypress’s TrueTouch solution allows users to take advantage of all the features of Android 3.0. TrueTouch provides best-in-class scan times for true multi-finger touch and superior signal-to-noise ratio for the most demanding touchscreen applications. And Cypress recently announced a new, high-performance single-chip TrueTouch solution for large multitouch touchscreens up to 11.6 inches. The new CY8CTMA884 family offers up to 60 sensing I/O channels with support for up to 884 nodes on the screen, more than any other single-chip solution. Additional sensing channels are essential for improved accuracy, greater linearity, support for smaller sized fingers and the ability to resolve multiple fingers close together.

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