Development board offered for event-based vision

Development board offered for event-based vision

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Prophesee SA (Paris, France), the developer of event-based vision sensors based on a bio-inspired, bandwidth-efficient architecture, is preparing to offer a board-level product to support the development of industrial products.
By Peter Clarke


Prophesee was founded in 2014 as Chronocam and is backed by Robert Bosch Venture Capital. The company has specialised in machine readable image collection but with an emphasis on dynamic range and frame rate. To achieve this its sensors only read out a pixel location and value when the charge stored changes by a certain value. Only sending changes to a pixel value, the time of the change and its location reduces bandwidth and energy consumption significantly.

Onboard includes a VGA (640 by 480) resolution Prophesee sensor and a Snapdragon processor to process the captured data and runs under a real-time linux operating system. It comes with a software development kit (SDK).

The unit is capable of operating at a frequency of several hundred frames per second with analysis in real time and at low energy consumption. But it also can work with high dynamic range.

It is intended for use with inspection, assembly and fast tracking of objects or vibration measurement for predictive maintenance.

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