Digitally controlled MEMS-based oscillators reduce bill of materials

Digitally controlled MEMS-based oscillators reduce bill of materials

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MSC now offers highly flexible, high performance Digitally Controlled Oscillators (DCXOs) from SiTime, suitable for use in telecommunications, wireless, networking and other applications where a high level of frequency accuracy is important.
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Whereas conventional VCXOs require an external voltage to control the frequency, SiTime’s DCXO family of products enable users to digitally control the output frequency. Therefore, a pull range from ±25 ppm to ±1600 ppm (parts per million) is achieved and the frequency resolution is 1 ppb (parts per billion).
The DCXOs provide superior pull range linearity of less than 0.01% which is 1000 times better than conventional quartz crystal VCXOs. Furthermore, unlike traditional VCXOs designs, external D/A converters are not required with the use of DCXOs, resulting in a reduction of the number of components needed for the circuitry. The DCXOs come in three industry standard package sizes (3225, 5032 and 7050) and can optionally be operated with a supply voltage of 1.8 V, 2.5 V to 3.3 V. The first version, the SiT3907, is provided with LVCMOS outputs.

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