Evaluating ToF imaging at a 320 by 240 pixels

Evaluating ToF imaging at a 320 by 240 pixels

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With the EVK75023 evaluation kit, Melexis is increasing support for its MLX75023 QVGA (320x240pixels) resolution time-of-flight (ToF) sensor. The new hardware platform supports the implementation of more advanced human machine interfaces (HMIs).
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It was co-developed in association with Melexis technology partner BlueTechnix, as a 130x105x60mm board capable of operating in varying ambient light conditions up to 120klux of background light. The board has a high bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet interface through which real-time 3D images are output at frame rates of up to 60fps. These can be used to recognize complex gestures. Via a C-based API or via the Matlab SDK, users can easily develop their own communication interface.

The platform comprises of a pair of illuminating units, each with a set of 6 LEDs capable of producing a peak optical output of 10W; a sensor board incorporating the MLX75023 sensor with a standard M12 lens mount plus objective with a field of view up to 60°, a quad-channel data converter and programmable logic (through which both the sensor and the LEDs are controlled).

It also includes an ARM-based processing board featuring an i.MX6x Freescale microprocessor, responsible for compiling the acquired ToF data then subsequently communicating this to a laptop, via the Gigabit Ethernet connection, for analysis.

An interface board completes the package, interconnecting all of the different subsystems above.

Visit Melexis at https://www.melexis.com/EVK75023

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