Everspin ships 1Gbit STT-MRAM

Everspin ships 1Gbit STT-MRAM

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Everspin Technologies Inc. (Chandler, Ariz.) has announced it has started shipping pre-production samples of its 1Gbit STT magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) non-volatile memory manufactured using a 28nm process.
By Peter Clarke


These are the world’s first 1Gbit STT-MRAMs that meet customer specifications for endurance, performance and reliability in persistent write buffer applications, Everspin said. This achievement follows Everspin’s commercialization of its 40nm 256Mbit STT-MRAM (see Everspin begins STT-MRAM volume production).

Everspin had planned to sample a 1Gbit STT-MRAM in 2016 (see Everspin samples 256Mbit MRAMs, 1Gbit coming) but Kevin Conley, who took over as CEO of Everspin on September 1 that year had delayed the move saying the technology needed more work.

“Our team is proud to reach this significant milestone of shipping pre-production 1Gbit parts, further establishing STT-MRAM’s presence in the memory product landscape. It represents years of Everspin focus on driving the MRAM revolution and is a testament to our strong partnership with Globalfoundries,” said Conley, in a statement.

Everspin’s 1Gb product family includes both 8- and 16-bit wide DDR4 compatible interface versions of the device and are available in a similar BGA package to Everspin’s existing portfolio of 256Mbit parts, providing a fourfold increase in density in the same physical space.

Production ramp of the 1Gbit products is due to start in 2H19.

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