First eMMC Host Controller focuses on supporting new high speed standard

First eMMC Host Controller focuses on supporting new high speed standard

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Arasan Chip Systems, Inc., has introduced its MMC/eMMC 4.5 Host Controller IP product which claims to be the first to support the new specification, released by JEDEC, that is designed to meet requirements for secure yet flexible program code and data storage for consumer electronic products. The MMC/eMMC 4.5 standard was approved June 9, 2011.
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With its low-pin count, high bandwidth and multiple boot mechanisms, eMMC 4.5 simplifies design for systems employing non-volatile storage.    Arasan’s Host Controller IP implementation of the eMMC 4.5 specification facilitates higher system level performance in order to meet the increasing demands of consumer electronic devices.   Arasan’s SD3.0/eMMC 4.5 Controllers are offered as a Total IP solution including RTL Host Controller IP, Software Stack, Hardware Development Board, Verification IP and ESL models.

Arasan’s eMMC 4.5 Host Controller offers important new features enabling superior consumer products including:

  • Higher bandwidth – eMMC 4.5 improves the performance of consumer devices by supporting 1.6Gb/sec operation at 200 MHz, which doubles the bandwidth of the previous generation devices.
  • Larger sector size – Arasan’s implementation supports read and write operations up to 4KB sectors as specified in the standard, further improving system level performance.
  • Automatic Transmission Parameter Tuning – Arasan’s eMMC 4.5 Host and Device Controller IP automatically and periodically conduct transmission parameter tuning to ensure that temperature and electrical variations in the transmission path do not degrade system performance.
  • e2∙MMC support- Arasan’s implementation supports the new e2∙MMC feature of the specification, which uses a cache to further improve system performance.

Availability and Pricing

The Arasan IP solutions, including IP core, VIP, software drivers, and hardware development kit is available immediately for licensing.

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