Flusso partners with ARM’s Pelion for IoT

Flusso partners with ARM’s Pelion for IoT

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Flusso Ltd. (Cambridge, England), a startup that has developed a small flow sensor, has partnered with ARM subsidiary Pelion to help it enter the IoT market.
By Peter Clarke


Flusso has signed a development partnership with Pelion, which describes itself as a connected device service provider, to help companies roll-out of connected flow sensing products and systems based on its FLS110 flow sensor.

The FLS110 was launched in October 2020 (see Cambridge startup launches world’s smallest flow sensor). It has a footprint 3.5mm by 3.5mm and delivers a temperature-compensated signal while operating across a measurement range of 0.001 to over 500 standard litres per minute in a bypass configuration. The MEMS-based component is aimed at high-volume consumer, industrial and other cost-sensitive applications.

Pelion offers a platform for secure IoT connectivity and device management. Its target markets include: smart buildings and cities, consumer appliances, home healthcare and industrial.

“Flusso is the first flow sensor company to sign a development partnership with Pelion, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARM that was recently launched as an independent company,” said Dave Weidner, chief market development officer at Pelion, in a statement issued by Flusso.

The FLS110 has been launched with a set of reference designs covering electronic, firmware, mechanical and fluidic system integration aspects for a range of use cases.

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